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Q. Can I create separate folders and self-title them?

You bet, and we encourage doing so as this will make it much easier for the closest of your friends and relatives to see your archive even long after you are gone. For additional security, you are also able to password protect each and every folder should you choose to do so.


Q. If I wanted to create different archives for different members of my family will I be able to separate them as such?

Absolutely. Our easy to use system allows you to determine what information you want to share with different groups of people. For further customization, you can even set certain folders to only be viewable by one person, such as one of your children or your spouse. Of course, you also have the ability to share all or certain parts of your profile with the general public should you choose to do so.


Q. What type of files will I be able to upload and self-title?

Our site allows you to upload everything from letters and music to pictures and videos provided you own the rights to the media files. You will also have the opportunity to compose posts similar to those found on other social media sites that your groups will be able to view. 


Q. Is there a menu that will help me to think of things to create for future generations, is there a guide I can follow to help me get the thought process active?

Yes, we understand how difficult it can be to decide what you want to include on your You for Them account, so we’ve included a few examples to get you started. Of course, don’t just limit yourself to our suggestions as we’re sure you have much more to share with your friends and relatives than we could ever suggest!


Q. What if I create something and wish to remove it or modify it years later?

We realize that you might upload a file and decide to remove it a month from now, or accidentally upload a file that you’d like to keep private. Since this is the case, deleting any type of file is as simple as clicking the black “x” in the top right corner.


Q. Will I be able to upload from my smartphone or tablet?

More and more people are using their social media platforms via a tablet or smartphone due to the convenience factor these offer over computers. As a result, you can upload any type of file via your smartphone or tablet as long as your smart phone or tablet supports that format.


Q. If multiple family members across the U.S have a You For Them subscription will we be able to link our groups and pages together?

Yes, you can link with pages belonging to anyone provided the parties agree to linking up. By doing so, you will also be able to share files with your linked users, which will give all of you even more to leave behind for your closest of friends and family members.


Q. If I create and archive myself and the content is not meant to be viewed until after I passed on how do I make sure my loved ones get the passwords to the content?

There are several ways to accomplish this. The easiest way would be to send us the emails of the family members who you would like to share the information with after you have deceased. Another great way would be to include the password(s) in your will as people would only have access to this after you are gone. Keep in mind, regardless of which route you take, you will never need to worry about us accessing your files without your permission, nor will you have to worry about us selling your information or files.


Q. So, I see how this is advantageous for the future but what about the people who have already passed on. Can I create their memories in my folders or family groups?

Yes, to do this, we recommend making a group for each person you would like others to join you in remembering. Just like all other groups, you can choose who you would like to share certain files with via our password protection features.


Q. Again I see how this is great for future generations and I am excited but what about the present?

Although the primary purpose of a You for Them account is to give your friends and relatives a way to always remember you even long after you are gone, you can also make daily posts should you choose to do so. The post feature is similar to what you would find on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, but we believe that you will find our system to be much more organized and private.