“Ever since the days of Xanga and MySpace, I’ve been hooked on the concept of being able to share events going on in my life with my friends and relatives. However, I’ve never seen a site that allows users to upload so many precious memories as You for Them does.  I hope you have enough storage space because I’m in the process of moving in with my memories. Thanks guys!”


Jon Smith


“When I first heard of You for Them, I figured it was just another social media platform that would require me to remember even more usernames and passwords. However, after learning how much different it truly is than the other social media platforms on the market, I didn’t waste any time in creating my account. Let me say this- my friends and relatives this site is going to make it extremely easy for my friends and family members to remember me even long after I’m gone.”


Linda Clements


“I had a friend tell me about You for Them, but he didn’t do the best job of explaining it. As a result, I wasn’t too motivated to sign up as I hardly even use the social media accounts I have now. However, one rainy day I decided to take a peek at the site myself to see what it was all about, and I quickly realized that I would’ve signed up the day my friend told me about the site if he’d even explained half of the features. I expect to see your site scattered all over the media in the coming months.”


Kelly Richards


“Upon learning about some of the features offered at You for Them, I came to the conclusion that it was an excellent concept. However, I also wondered what type of information I should upload to the site as I was a bit leery of the potential of someone accessing my information who might have the wrong intentions. Luckily, you guys were already ten steps ahead with your groups feature that allowed me to only show certain things to certain people.”


Diane Baker


“I’ve established a will to determine who will receive my possessions when I decease, but memories are simply something you can’t just can’t hand out. I’m so glad you guys thought of a site like this that’ll allow me to upload these precious memories for my friends and family members to see after I’m gone; regardless of where they live!”


Bill Port


“There’s no doubt that Facebook has done an excellent job of recruiting users from virtually every country and age group; however, they (like all of the other social media companies) make it extremely difficult to enjoy memories. I’ve never seen a site that places as much emphasis on the past as You for Them does, and the profile you create on this site is one of the most organized concepts I’ve ever seen. You probably know your site was a great idea, but you can’t even imagine how easy your site has made my life!”


Rick Johnson